Chester Children’s Chorus


Please welcome the Chester Children’s Chorus on their first visit to St. Paul’s on September 9 at 7pm. This group of young people is known throughout our area for their talent, variety of repertoire and their unofficial role as ambassadors for the arts in our community. They undergo rigorous training under the leadership of John Alston, their founder and artistic director, and many go on to careers in music and related fields. It is a gift to have them here and our hope is to have a significant turn-out for the event.

To that end, please consider spreading the word about their appearance at St. Paul’s. As the event is a joint project with Chester Eastside, we are expecting a strong effort from the board and staff of CEI to let the surrounding community know about the concert. It would also be wonderful if the St. Paul’s community could offer a strong showing. It promises to be a special evening; there is no admission cost and it represents a significant effort for St. Paul’s to extend its hospitality to the neighborhood. Please join us if you can!